DecoVibes is a WOSB

The goal of DecorVibes is to find the art that speaks to you so that you can show the world who you truly are. Our purpose is to bring you satisfaction with the art that you purchase. We design and commission these oil paintings to represent the energy of the home in which it is hung. We hope to empower you through our art, as we empower those in need by donating to charitable causes around the country. Our oil paintings serve to elevate your lifestyle.

About The Owner

Our hand painted oil paintings are being painted by individual talented artists that we trust and have been working with for years. Their artwork is absolutely stunning, and it will take your breath away every time you look at the canvas.

All of the artwork is being assembled in our art studio with each painting passing thru our hands. It’s being inspected to ensure customer satisfaction. We stretch each painting over one (1.5) inch thick gallery kiln dried wooden stretcher bars. So, once your wall art is in your hands, it’s completely ready for hanging. All you have left to do is pick which wall you would like to dress up.

DécorVibes guarantees that only exclusive, handmade, handpicked artwork will be offered to you. Our paintings will make your home décor unlike anyone else’s.

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